Industry information School: Single-page SEO site group technology, optimize ranking with 10 websites!

:admin :2021-08-17

Many SEO partners know that it is search engine ranking optimization. By optimizing the internal and external of the website, the website can rank in front of the search engine when the user searches for the corresponding keywords. For details, you can search for "Internet marketing courses" on Baidu to view the operation of Case!

However, many partners of single-page SEO may be a bit unfamiliar. Single-page SEO is an SEO optimization solution that combines single-page websites with content. The main purpose is to increase the utilization rate of website traffic so that users can see the target page when opening the website, and the conversion is more More orders will create more revenue. The operating concept of single-page SEO is also proposed by, and recommends everyone's mode of operation together.

So what is a single-page SEO site group, because the success rate of operating SEO is not 100%, which means that you will not absolutely rank if you do it. Because at any time search engines, especially Baidu's index database, only 60% of the number of web pages. In other words, a large number of web pages are not included, and all tens of billions of web pages in Chinese cannot be included in the limit of its own capabilities. Therefore, for most websites, there are deleted pages, no ranking, or experience of being K, or no ranking. Solution: Face all this calmly. How much does a website cost? If you lose confidence in SEO because of this, that is the biggest loss.

However, we also thought of a better solution. We started to operate this solution in the earliest stage and achieved very good results. It is a "site group". We can assume that the chance of a website ranking is 1, if we use 10 Website optimization and ranking opportunities can be increased by 10 times. We do not require all 10 websites to be ranked. We only need to have 1-3 websites to gain ranking. This operation is successful, because for our site group, we invest in 10 websites. The cost is only about 1,000 yuan; this investment is also very cost-effective. This idea is actually a bit like bidding, not like traditional SEO. Because of traditional SEO, we invest a website cost of one or two hundred, and we want to get a ranking, and then give us a few hundred Thousands of times the return. The result is equivalent to our pinning our hopes on a tree, and as a result, the tree did not bloom and we starved to death.

Wanting to build dozens of websites for a project also requires mastering a lot of technology, especially in batch construction and later maintenance. The operation method of the single-page SEO site group that has upgraded to join this time, there is no long story to show you how to do it directly, you only need to copy the method we provide. Of course, there are also many core technologies. For example, domain registration and space purchase skills are very simple, but they will directly affect the results of our later operations. The skills we provide will also reduce your costs. If you invest in building 10 websites The cost of domain name and space is less than 1,000 yuan. Equivalent to 1000 you can start a station group project. The core is still the collection of articles. Our principle is to use the locomotive to collect original articles and then automatically publish them on-hook. You only need to set a few times a day to run the software to automatically update the website articles, and also automatically aim the text on the website and automatically add keywords. . Many of these students may ask if it is too complicated. You can tell you the complicated work and we have done it for you. When you use it, it is already a packaged solution.

The overall construction of the website in the early stage can be done as long as it takes time, but the real test of people lies in the later stage optimization. For the later stage optimization of the website, especially the increase in the inclusion and weight of the external chain, we still do not have a long-form discussion that will directly show you the practicality and efficiency. The method allows your site group to quickly get included, increase weight, and get rankings. What you need to do is copy the methods and models of our school; these experiences are all sorted out by our long-term operation, not the result of a few days of practice .