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Five core elements of website construction

:admin :2021-08-17

Five core elements of website construction


  If an enterprise wants to implement network marketing, it first needs to make a website. The website is composed of many web pages, and the design of these pages directly affects whether the website can be welcomed by users. To judge the quality of a homepage design, we must comprehensively consider it from many aspects. We should not only look at whether the design is vivid and beautiful, but whether the website can be considered for users to the maximum extent.



3. Take product as the core principle

   The most important purpose and function of website creation is to display products. The main purpose of customers visiting the website is to have an in-depth understanding of products and services. The value of the website is to flexibly display product descriptions, pictures and even multimedia information to users. Even a simple website is at least equivalent to a book that can be used at any time. Updated product promotional materials. Outdated product information or imperfect product information not only fails to promote sales, but also affects customer confidence. When customers visit the website, what they care about is not personal information, but what kind of products they can provide and what their advantages are. Therefore, focusing on the product is the primary prerequisite for the success of the website.

  Product information should generally include the following aspects: product name, product specifications, product usage, product characteristics, product certification status, product pictures, etc. Secondly, information such as product specifications, product usage and product characteristics should be described in as much detail as possible.

  4, based on the principle of strong information interaction capabilities of the website

   If a website can only provide viewers to browse, but can not guide viewers to participate in the construction of part of the website content, then its attractiveness is limited. Only when the viewer can easily exchange information with the information publisher, the charm of the site can be fully manifested. The virtual forum is designed to carry out various discussions about the product among product users, product users and product development managers. Online marketers can also use this to collect market information and formulate effective marketing plans. The feedback information of website consumers is directly published online, which can attract consumers to return to the website and form a fixed relationship with customers.

   When a customer finds a product of interest on the Internet, how to make an inquiry and feedback on the product in a timely manner? This is not only possible through e-mail. Corresponding information feedback modules should be provided on the website so that customers can conveniently and quickly make inquiries or feedback on one or more products. At the same time, the company's salesperson should be able to check customer feedback in time and respond in time: each business department or salesperson should be able to easily manage customer information and feedback for the products it releases. The website can provide customers with various online services and help information, such as frequently asked questions (FAQ), detailed contact information, filling out forms for help online, and answering customer inquiries in real time via chat. At the same time, the use of the website can also achieve the purpose of enhancing customer relationships, such as attracting users' participation by issuing various free mailing lists and providing prize-winning quizzes. Through the online questionnaire on the website, user feedback information can be obtained for product surveys, consumer behavior surveys, brand image surveys, etc. It is an effective survey tool for obtaining first-hand market information.

  5, based on the principle of perfect retrieval ability

   For a website, how to organize the information content that it wants to publish reasonably, so that visitors can quickly and accurately find the information they are looking for, this is the key to the success of the content organization of a website. If the structural design of the website cannot enable customers to find the information they need easily and quickly, no matter how good the design is, it cannot attract long-term customers. Even if he is attracted to the homepage of the website, the visit will be interrupted in the future. In order to achieve the above design goals, some websites have designed information indexes and catalog indexes on their web pages. Users can quickly find the part of the information they are interested in.

   Therefore, in order to make the content of the website useful, a certain scale website must provide a search function so that users can find the information on this website. In order to create convenient conditions for viewers, web designers often design web content into a tree structure to facilitate vertical query. From the homepage, visitors can drill down to all the "tree rights" and "tree top" information content layer by layer. In addition, you can also design a search system so that visitors can easily find relevant content. The search system of the website should be quite comprehensive in design, allowing visitors to enter from any page. At the same time, a "back to home page" link must be designed on any page of the website to facilitate visitors to return to the "trunk".